Underground Civilization is the tentative name of the civilization that fell first in the Battle of Divine Will.

Background Edit

Long gone civilization. Used to be very advanced in magic, more than others. They were wiped out and lost their fragment of Divine Will. They tried to get witches of the past to reach their ruins in hopes of getting Instrument of Divine Retribution and beating Demons. Ruins of their civilization are in Kingdom of Dawn while they could had been found all over Land of Dawn.

They were also portrayed in one of the four pictures in Divine Land but their picture is black without anything on it due to losing their fragment and battle. Their civilization was observable in the picture before the first battle of Divine Will 800 years ago.

Zero's perspective Edit

She rested for a while and turned her attention to the third painting.

However, there was still nothing in it... it was like the world outside the frame, dark and dead silent. The secret history mentioned that in the beginning of the first Battle of Divine Will, there was something in the painting... but this recording was so ancient that its pages were tattered and basically illegible. However, she was certain that a hundred years after the Battle of Divine Will, this painting turned black and never showed anything ever again.

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