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Release that Witch (放开那个女巫) is an on-going Chinese web novel created by Er Mu and 二目, published by Qidian.


Cheng Yan has passed on only to awaken in a medieval and primitive world, dawning the role of Roland, Fourth Prince of the Kingdom of Greycastle. This world is not his own, shrouded by ancient and eldritch mysteries far beyond his previous day to day life. Before the newly risen Prince of Greycastle, a Witch bound for execution, and the looming shadow of the Holy Church threatens his peace.

Now Roland's battle begins, against the Throne, his Siblings, the Holy Church, and new threats both ancient and new. Armed with knowledge from a home likely forever lost, Prince Roland rises with kindled determination to challenge this hopeless situation. Deemed hopeless by the nation and kindred, his life challenged at every turn, and threats rising around every corner, all but He would have fled in fear. With his modern technology as his shield, and the power of the Devil's Servants, the Witches, perhaps he may just have a fighting chance.

His Legendary Journey Begins.

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