Petrov Hull is a noble of Honeysuckle family in Western Region and the current caretaker of Longsong Stronghold.



Petrov doesn't like war-related matters prefering trade operations and business over battles and aggresive approaches. He is keen to opportunities and takes it before others would realise it. Petrov is smart and observant, folowing his intuition he warned father about Roland while everyone else were sure in easy victory.


Perov lived for several years in King's City. There he heard all kinds of rumors about fourth prince Roland Wimbledon.[2] 

Petrov once visited Border Town as Duke Ryan's representative one and half year before repeated arrival.[3] 


Petrov arrived in Border Town to inspect ore and fur loading. To his surprise, Roland Wimbledon refused to exchange ore on food and informed he had made deal with Willow Town. What shocked him more were news of new city wall.[3]

During Months of Demons Petrov delivered news of the death of Wimbledon III, Gerald's treason and recall order of second prince Timothy.[4]

At earl Elk's banquet held in honor of his daughter Aurelia's sixteenth birthday he met old friend Rene Medde, second son of the earl and her brother. Rene told him rumors about near fall of the New Holy City of Hermes and enormous losses of Four Kingdoms' armies and the Judgement Army. Petrov realised the border was defenseless and thought of the Church's conspiracy.

While taking glances from Aurelia, he caught hot discussion about Roland. Simon Elliot told Petrov prince's ultimatum, calling him reckless and foolish and concluded that Duke Ryan have to do something about it. Rene Medde joined the conversation and boasted he would lead his family's forces. Petrov tried to convince him to stay, but Rene didn't listen. Steward informed him that his father Shalafi Hull was waitnig for him.

Shalafi asked Petrov to send him full report of domain population, revenues and production to prepare for war against Roland. When he tried to persuade him to stay in the rear and reminded him of unfullfilled predictions, his father angrily refuted him and reminded of ancestors' deeds.[5]

A week after father's departure Petrov received a letter from Longsong Stronghold, written by Roland Wimbledon. The prince outlined duke's defeat and nobles' release conditions. Soon he arrived at lord's castle and listened unusual ransom details. Hearing that Roland would leave Longsong Stronghold in a few days he offered to manage the city on his behalf, which impressed the latter. Next day Petrov brought ransom list and signed agency contract, after that he went to take away his father. When he found out that Jacques Medde refused to pay for his brother, he offered to ransom Rene. After return to the mansion he told father Roland's conditions and his new status, on that Shalafi advised him to watch other great nobles and hire craftsmen from the North.[6]


Petrov is talented in territory management and business trades.

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