North Slope Mine is ore-mining industrial area located under North Slope Mountain. It is an underground labyrinth, its pathways extended in all directions[1]. Deep inside it is hidden God's Stone of Retaliation vein, which contains giant crystals from 20 to 30 meters in diameter[2].

Background Edit

North Slope Mine was discovered soon after establishing warning outpost at western border of Kingdom of Graycastle. To excavate ores outpost was turned into small town called Border Town, ore mining became the main source of income for local population[3].

Chronology Edit

Shortly before Roland's transition North Slope Mine collapsed, which caused delay in ore mining[4].

To increase ouput and improve working conditions Roland installed a steam machine in mine[5]. It allowed to return to pre-collapse mining level while reducing required manpower by half.

Furthemore, Roland changed fixed payment to floating; he set a daily standard output and going above would be additionaly rewarded[6]. Besides, anyone who found gemstones or mineral beins could claim extra rewards.

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