Margie used to be a Pure Witch of the Church.

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Margie had only recently become a witch before the battle between the Church and the First Army. According to Isabella, she had not yet even learned what a pure witch was.

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When Zero sacrificed all the useless pure witches to make more God's Punishment Soldiers, she left Margie alive because her magic ark could get her close to Roland. After bringing Zero to the front lines, Margie passed out do to using up all her magic power.

During Isabella's interrogation, Roland reveals to her that he allowed Margie and Vanilla to join the Witch's Union since they had never directly caused anyone harm.

Margie joined Mystery Moon in her second detective case. She carried the other witches to Neverwinter's school building in her Magic Ark, and she viewed Summer's playback of Sharon's awakening.

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Creates a “Magic Ark” that enables underground travelling. According to Lily, travelling in the ark gives a feeling of swimming in the seawater, as if when she looked up, she could see the pure blue, rippling sea surface

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