Maggie is a witch and a member of the Witch Union. She was formerly a member of Sleeping Island.

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In human form, she is a small girl with white hair.

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Behaves often childish, seeing missions often as childsplay. Shows traits commonly seen in the birds she transforms into.

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She used to live in the slums of King's City, like a real bird, by squeezed herself into the narrow beams of the roof to pass each night, before Tilly accepted her.[1]

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She is able to transform in to any bird she has seen. She requires magicpower to transform, but does not need it for staying in bird form. She gets abilities from the birds, for example the sense of direction of a pidgeon. Able to transform four times a day.

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After seeing a flying devil, she is able to transform into it and gain the ability to carry up to two people. Her magic power increased as well.

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