Hummingbird is a witch of Witch Union and former member of Witch Cooperation Association.

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Hummingbird is a small cute girl with symmetrical dimples, a delicate face and a sweet soft voice. She reached adulthood in the same winter as Roland has been defending Border Town with Militia.

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In Witch Cooperation Association she was responsible for lightening bags with food, which allowed witches to transport great amount of food effortlessly and stay authonomous for a long time.

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Hummingbird was among the few who successfully returned to the camp after failed journey to Holy Montain. When Scroll offered to Leaf lead the remnant members of Witch Cooperation Association, the latter refused and explained she would try luck in Border Town. If she won't return Scroll should guide the rest to the south or across straits[2].

Awaiting group was greeted by Nightingale and Lightning and brought to the castle where a feast was arranged for them. After that Hummingbird showed her abilities and was given room on the second floor. At night witches gathered in Wendy's room and discussed their past and future, also wondering the reason behind Roland's kindness. Next morning she signed a contract with him[3]

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Hummingbird has attaching type of magic. She didn't develop branch ability. Her magic found a vast use in transportation and construction.

Object Lightening: Hummingbird is able to lighten objects, reducing the weight of it greatly: small objects would almost float in the air, meaning their weight was close to air's, bags with supplies could be lightened enough to carry by witches. The magic works with non-living objects through touching, time and magic power needed to lighten the object depends on its size. Effect would last for several hours.

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Hummingbird and Lily

Hummingbird and Lily

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