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Human Civilization is one of the participants in the Battle of Divine Will. They can be found in Divine Land's 4 picture scrolls, their representative seems to be constantly changing over the course of history. Their current location is in the southeast of the continent, behind the Impassable Mountains, and Fjord islands in the Vortex sea.

Currently, there are 4 kingdoms:

There are also the Fjords islands spread out across the Vortex Sea and Mojin Clan in the Extreme South.

Zero's perspective Edit

The fourth painting was not at all mentioned in the secret history.

It was difficult for Zero to understand as if they were all in agreement to hide something—if even the sole messenger of secrets, the pope, did not have the right to know, then the secret would be unknown to everyone forever.

The painting depicted a wall. It was an unassuming rough gray stone wall. Parts of the gray paint were chipped off, revealing the cracked stone blocks under it. It had obviously stood here for a long time. Besides this wall, there was nothing else.

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Roland shrugged, stood up, and looked at the four Giant Paintings around the Bloody Moon.

They showed a throne, a sea, a black screen, and himself.

Roland greeted Wendy and himself in the painting, but they did not respond. They apparently could not hear him.

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