Gerald Wimbledon was the first prince of the Kingdom of Graycastle.

Appearance Edit

Gerald Wimbledon had grey hair, distinctive mark of royal blood. Due to constant sword practice Gerald Wimbledon was sturdy and muscular man.

Personality Edit

Gerald considered himself rightful heir of Graycastle. He admitted he wasn't smart one compared to Timothy but believed that to become king he needed loyal knights. He was irritated by king's decree and wished to talk to him eye to eye and "convince" to cancel competition and proclaim himself the heir.

He loved Olivia to the point that he rejected to date noble ladies which led to rumors of his homosexuality[1].

Background Edit

Every year Gerald was sent to the Coldwind Ridge as Graycastle's force commander to defend against the Demonic beasts' invasion in the Months of Demons. During one of assignments he met local tavern girl and fell in love with her. Due to her status, he couldn't marry her or make public their relationship, in the end he secretly bought a house for them two[1].

According to the Royal Decree on the Selection of the Crown Prince, he was given management of Coldwind Ridge[2].

Chronology Edit

At Holy City of Hermes Gerald was writing a letter to Olivia. He shared his impressions of the city and plans to return to the capital and talk with his father, accompanied by knights[2]. Instilled by astrologer's words he believed if nothing was done he would lose the throne.

Few months after departure to Coldwind Ridge he returned to the King's City. He went to the palace, sure of certain victory, yet he discovered dead king and Timothy in chambers full of armored guards. Shocked Gerald realised it was brother's trap from the beginning and tried to attack him but was captured by guards.[3]

The trial was held in a hurry, Gerald was interrogated with bound hands and mouth shut. He was convicted of king's murder and beheaded[4].

Abilities Edit

Gerald was a trained swordsman and rider.

Relationships Edit

Olivia Edit

Gerald was deeply in love to Olivia. He knew she couldn't become his wife officially, but still plannd to marry her after succeding his father. He conceived a child with her.

Timothy and Garcia Edit

Together three of them were very close at childhood, played and bullied Roland togeher. But as years passed by, they became more distant to which Gerald regretted.

Trivia Edit

  • Gerald was wary of Church's power and used the Agreement on Months of Demons to monitor its activity.

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