"Yes, it looks like a transparent God's Stone of Retaliation, shaped like a spindle apparatus, but it can't affect the use of magic power or has any other special function. As long as you open your heart near it, you'll truly feel the call of the deities and see something incredible."

"Like what?"

"You'll see an infinitely spacious hall with the Bloody Moon high above your head and four giant paintings around you. The paintings seem to be alive and change all the time..." The ancient witch described the illusion created by the Divine Will in detail.

Tilly could not help asking, "What do those paintings stand for?" Hearing this question, all of them held their breath waiting for the answer. Pasha's tentacles stood up at once. "This question baffled the people for nearly 1,000 years. The Quest Society kept on looking for the answer but failed. We had no idea about it either until we decoded the contents in the documented records in the ruins. The four paintings the deities showed us respectively represent the mankind, the demons, some unknown enemy and the underground civilization. The shape of the Divine Will corroborates this speculation, as it's not a complete spindle apparatus but a quarter of a sphere which we called the relic of the deities."

Roland knitted his eyebrows. "Four Giant Paintings and a quarter of the relic of deities... Do you mean every civilization pictured in the paintings has a relic like this?"

"Not everyone. The underground civilization lost its part of the Divine Will. As a result, one of the paintings showed by the deities is always black. It turned black right after the end of the first Battle of Divine Will. According to the documented

records in the ruin of the maze and those in the ancient documents of the Union, we surmise that the underground civilization is already removed from the Battle of Divine Will forever."

They were shocked to learn that all the civilizations had fought for hundreds of years just for some relic, and more importantly, for each civilization, losing its part of relic would mean losing everything.

'All of us are the deities' children, but only a few of us will be able to see the dawn. Since we sensed magic power, we've been destined to lead a life uncommon. This competition has lasted for a long period of time. We are already one-in-a-thousand elite. Birds weren't birds, and we weren't us. Fighting makes things thrive, and competition makes living beings eternal.'

Scroll replied, "'this competition has lasted for a long period of time. We are already one-in-a-thousand elite.' Your Majesty, I've memorized all of it."

What does that sound like?

This thing described by the underground civilization resembles the process of evolution! From barbaric period to civilized age, every civilization that exists now has defeated numerous opponents during its development course. And all the four different civilizations we know have a thing in common, which is they all know how to use magic power. Among human beings, witches are the ones who can use this kind of power, and demons and the underground civilization seem to be even better at controlling it. Given that, the other unknown enemy must also be able to use it.

If that's true, everything will be consistent with the underground civilization's description. The "children" in the sentence "All of us are the deities' children" probably refers to the species who were gifted to manipulate magic power. In this way, the Battles of Divine Will aren't caused by the deities' relic. Instead, they are just a means of accelerating evolution or the basic rules of this magic world. This also corroborates the underground civilization's conclusion that elevating magic power is the way to get closer to the deities.


"Yes. While keeping it locked up, we can limit its summoning range. If we did not put it in a box made of God's Stone of Retaliation, I'm afraid the residents in your city would be unconsciously affected by the relic." Pasha stretched out a few tentacles and placed them on the box without immediately opening it. "Before you have contact with it, I have to clarify some points lest you have an accident."

"Is it... dangerous?" Wendy stepped forward and subconsciously stood in front of Roland.

"Don't be too worried. As long as you don't stay alone with the relic, it'll be alright," Celine interrupted.

"What do you mean by that?" Roland asked, raising his eyebrows.

Pasha became more serious and said, "as I have said before, if you open yourself up in front of the relic, you can see some incredible sights. Either a witch or a common person can be summoned. But remember, what you see isn't completely fictional. It's different from the phantom instrument, what you see in the painting scrolls will have an impact on reality. That's the first thing I want to clarify. Don't accept the summoning of deities alone at any time."

"Why is it not dangerous when there are more people?"

Pasha explained, "Because once you're trapped in the Divine Land, you'll have some obvious reactions, for example, glazed eyes, dull body, ravings., etc. The people around you have to drag you out of the range of the relic. In the historical records, many people had once be summoned by the relic alone and then their souls could not return to their bodies. Two or three people having contact with it that take turns effectively reduces the risk."