Pasha explained, "Our devouring worm will do the job. It's a big shell looking like a wild beast. We've got one in the ruins. That was the shell we used to sneak into the City of Glow in the Kingdom of Dawn."

Roland felt a jolt, thinking, "Why do these things sound similar to the giant demonic beast in the snow mountain?"

When he was about to raise this question, Agatha asked Pasha, "Are you the ones who entered the Devil's Town and devoured the Blackstone Pagoda?"

Pasha was confused, saying, "Devil's... Town? No, we didn't. We've only used our devouring worm to mend the ruins and build the tunnel to the City of Glow. We can't afford to use it so frequently since it eats a lot."

Confirmed to be the type of worm that ate Devil's Town while going to the Snow mountains.