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One of the participants in the Battle of Divine Will. They can be found in Divine Land's 4 picture scrolls, their representative seems to be a Senior Demon looking demon with a body build similar to that of a human. Their location seems to be in the northwestern corner of Land of Dawn.

Demon has its own civilization too. Demon has a King, looks like a huge tower full of eyes. Then, there are 9 emperors, emperor also means the level of the promotion and it is a very high level. Now we can know 6 emperors' nickname or name. The most important 2 characters of them are The Lord of Sky Hect Zod, and the The Nightmare Vakyries (maybe there is other better translation).

Hect Zod, a cool-headed character, and admired by its following demons. It recognized that human changed and got stranger than before by reading the letter from its favourite general----Elias Rook (maybe there is other better translation). BTW, It always say it is loyal to The King, but many readers think may be this is a kind of FLAG.

Vakyries (瓦基里丝, maybe come from "Valkyrie"?), the most human-like demon and probably the female demon that Roland saw at dream world. Top of all emperors, not that good at battle but its the teacher of many other emperors and know much more about magic than all of emperors. Know much about human and even had many human believers (1000-year-ago). Very interested in Roland.

The other emperors are Bloody Conqueror, The Mask, Heart of Loathing, and Silent Disaster.

Zero's perspective Edit

The first painting had the richest contents.

It depicted a throne constructed with swords and bones, and blood red long windows and tall black columns were behind it. It seemed to be a part of a palace. If she completely submerged her consciousness into it, she could even see the city outside the window with endless spires. What caught her attention the most was the Stone Gate that peeked through the city—if the spires around it were the buildings of Hermes residents, then the Stone Gates at least five times as tall as the church's Tower of Babel, which completely went against common sense.

What was more unbelievable was that the inside of the gates was black, as if a large and smooth cloth was covering its middle. However, as she looked closely, there seemed to be an immeasurable depth to the darkness... The more she stared at it, the more uneasy she felt.

Zero only focused her attention on the window for a while and soon turned it to the throne.

She did not see the lord of the throne today.

The things she saw in her mind would sometimes change. For example, she could occasionally see an armored warrior sitting on the throne, his head covered with a frightening black helmet, only revealing a faint red light through his eye sockets. However, this was not very common, and the throne was usually empty.

According to the records of secret history, this painting depicted the city where the demons originated from and first appeared—the Northwestern corner of Land of Dawn.

Zero agreed with this theory. The painting's blood red colors and black spires were very similar to the demons' living environments, and the helmet of the owner of the throne had a distinct demonic style. The only strange part was that its body was exactly like that of a regular human, and not like the strong and horrific bodies of the Fearsome Demons or Lords of Hell recorded in the Holy Book. Thus, there were many speculations about its identity. Some popes believed that it was the source of evil, while other witches thought that it was a member of the demons that guarded the secrets of God.

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  • Back in the Union, Demons were also called Blood Beasts, The Deformity and Polluters.[1]

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