"They're all shells. As the living beings of the underground civilization were extremely fragile, they had to live in shells. These things were immortal, but we can't find any detailed information about where they came from in the documents left in the ruins.Based on what we know now, the original carriers are the most common shells, whereas the central carrier which looks similar to them stores many unconscious memories. You can consider it as an original carrier which had been used for many years but had no self-awareness. We need to integrate all the memories into it to understand the remaining documented experiment records in the ruins."

"Apart from the dozen witches who severely injured in the internal battle, there was another thirty-six of us who volunteered to follow lady Eleanor to merge with it. Not everyone was willing to turn into such a monster or spend the rest of her life trapped in a body that can't feel anything. Their sacrifice finally activated the central carrier, but unfortunately, it can only say yes or no in a dialogue but can't make a normal conversation."

"The central carrier is different from us. It has three main tentacles, which enables her to express more complicated information without communicating through telepathy, which is what I’m doing right now."

With these words, Celine's main tentacle on her head emitted a beam of dim red light.

"Oh? It can even shine?"

"Yes, before we learned how to communicate through thoughts, we often used this method to express our feelings and emotions. But now we don’t use it as much anymore."