Brian is a knight and First Army's battalion commander. He was a patrol captain of Border Town and along with the other captain Greyhound they were the only native patrol members.  

Personality Edit

Brian is a dutiful man, he wished to become a knight one day, as he believed they are courageous and noble, protectors of the weak and fighters with injustice. Thus, he felt disgust when Fierce Scar offered a knight title for grain burning.

He was proud to become a patrol captain, believing other patrolmen admitted his merits, only to discover later that others simply avoided captain's duty to ignite beacon during the Months of Demons.[1]

Background Edit

Brian was born in a hunter family. Due to his own abilities, he became patrol captain. Every year in winter, he and Greyhound stay in the Beacon Tower of the North Slope Mine area, and when they see a great number of demonic beasts crossing over, they light the beacon in the tower to warn the townsfolk of their coming.

When he was a child he discovered abandoned well connected to the castle garden. For this he was beaten and prohibited to enter ever again.

Chronology Edit

Brian and Greyhound were called to Roland and answered his questions about Months of Demons and demonic beasts.[2] He was excited seeing this as opportunity to be noticed and promoted by authorities. He was sure he would be chosen to protect new wall from beasts. To his surprise, he didn't pass chief knight's check and wondered how prince intended to fight beasts with commoners.

He witnessed Greyhound's death by hands of patrol plotters led by Fierce Scar. He conspired all patrol team, promising knight title and other rewards for burning food reserves. Under the threat of death Brian led plotters to the tunnel connecting with castle's garden. When they reached basement he escaped from the group and fought them with Nightingale's help. When he woke up, healed by Nana, he was praised by Roland and promised to become a knight.[3]

During Months of Demons he was Anna's bodyguard following her wherever she went.[4]

After the Months Brian was knighted, he chose to stay in First Army.[5] After this his rank within it rose up, the only one from his team who talked to him was Nail.[6]

Abilities Edit

After long hours of training Brian became a confident swordman, capable to overcome several clumsy patrolmen.

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