Barov Mons is Neverwinter City's City Hall Premier Minister. He was originally dispatched to Border Town as Roland Wimbledon's governance aide.

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Barov is over 50 years old.

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He is an ambitious manager and enthusiastically completes task after task, despite believing Roland is possessed by Devil, since it increases his power and control.

He feels jealousy to those who are higher ranked than him and he wishes to flaunt his authority to those people who are above him, expressing regret when he couldn't rub his status in the recently banished finance minsiter's face.

Barov is highly ambitious and dreams of being Roland's prime minister, turning down a position as leader of the recently captured King's City so that he could remain as the leader of Neverwinter's City Hall. He feels threatened by the competence of Edith Kant and works to prove that he is more useful than her.

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Before dispatching to Border Town Barov had worked assistant finance minister for twenty years and gained vast knowledge of governance methods and commodity curculation.

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Rival for power.

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  • Roland compared him with Gandalf.[1]

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