Ashes is a witch, and Tilly Wimbledon's loyal second-in-command.

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Ashes is a young woman with long black hair tied into a pony tail and golden eyes.

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Ashes is a brash person who stands firmly by her beliefs and is wary of anyone who has yet to earn her trust.

She is deeply loyal to those she has put her faith in and is willing to resort to violence to protect her loved ones.

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Ashes was one of the many women taken by the church to serve as witches or sex slaves. She inadvertently saved Wendy on the she awakened her powers and escaped from the Church.

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Ashes first appeared with her sisters interrogating Theo. After finishing the interrogation, she decided to go to Border Town with Theo to see if he was telling the truth.

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Ashes is an experienced combatant, having learned swordsmanship thanks to Tilly's connections, and the numerous battles she has had against members of the Church.

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Awakening: Ashes is an extraordinary, allowing her to detect any nearby sources of magic.

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Ashes is in a loving relationship with Tilly.

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Ashes possesses a rivalry with Andrea, with the two often having opposing opinions on many things and frequently arguing. 

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  1. Considering she and Wendy went to parallel classes of choir and ritual, as said in chapter 127, they are about the same age.